H v. A: Foreign Polygamous Marriage and Irish Law.

In February 2010, I blogged the case of Lebanese Irish citizen Hussein Ali Hamoud. The High Court judgment from April is now available here. Mr. Hamoud married two women in Lebanon; S.A.A. in 1975 and S.A.H. in 1988. Polygamous marriage is permissable under Lebanese law. ¬† In 2000, Hamoud was granted asylum in Ireland (he(…)

Foreign Islamic Marriages at Irish Law

In November, Mr. Justice Cooke considered two family reunification cases in the High Court which shed some light on the status under Irish law of Muslim marriages contracted abroad. The cases are Hamza & Another v. MJELR [2010] IEHC 427 and Hassan & Another v. MJELR [2010] IEHC 426. Dr. Hamza and Mr. Hassan had(…)

France – (Re)enter Polygamy.

Last month, a French-born¬† convert to Islam (pictured left with Lies Hebbadj) was fined 22 euros in Nantes for driving while wearing a niqab on the basis that it was an impediment to her safe driving. This story has been elevated to the point where it threatens to prompt a change in French nationality law.(…)

Polygamy in the High Court

The Sunday Times reported yesterday that the High Court will soon rule on the validity of an Irish citizen’s marriage under s. 29 of the Family Law Act, 1995. The man is Lebanese. He married two women in Lebanon, where polygamous marriage is permitted. He entered Ireland with his second wife and claimed asylum. His(…)

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