Women and Crime

The Association for Criminal Justice Research and Development yesterday launched its report on women  in the criminal justice system, including papers from a conference on the same topic held late last year. The report was launched by Ms Justice Catherine McGuinness, who is said to have noted that murders committed by women attract widespread media and therefore most public attention, rather than less sensational and less serious offences.

The relative absence from public discourse and official attention of women who are involved in criminality in Ireland replicates a pattern where women were ignored for many years in criminology, given that offending behaviour was presumed to be typically male and so explanations of male crime were seen to explain all crime.  Women were viewed as law-abiding by nature, and as likely victims rather than perpetrators of crime, thereby perpetuating the stereotype of the woman as passive and in need of protection. Continue reading

Interview with Senator Norris on the Civil Partnership Act

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This morning, after some delay due to technical difficulties with our audio plugin, we are proud to present an interview with Senator David Norris. For more interviews from the HRinI Team, click “Media” in the navigation bar above.

Interview with Senator Norris

In this interview, recorded in August, Senator David Norris discusses the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010. Senator Norris discusses the history of the Act, the various Bills which he has sponsored that have previously come before the Oireachtas and his concerns regarding the content of the current Act.  Senator Norris also discusses his candidature for the Irish Presidency.

Eviction of Muslims From Western Law & Politics: Sherene Razack Interview

This post features an interview with Prof. Sherene Razack, conducted by our regular blogger Mairead Enright. Sherene Razack is professor, Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. Her most recent book is entitled Casting Out: The Eviction of Muslims From Western Law and Politics.

Interview with Sherene Razack

Readers may also be interested in Mairead’s August interview with Prof. Seyla Benhabib which is available here. Continue reading

Rights, Tolerance & Waning Sovereignty: Interview with Wendy Brown

In this podcast recorded earlier in September, Illan rua Wall conducts a wide-ranging interview with Wendy Brown; the Heller Professor of Political Science at University of California, Berkley.

Interview with Wendy Brown

Prof. Brown engages initially with the question of critique, and its relation to rights. She refuses to reject rights, but instead seeks to question the premises upon which they stand and the power relations in which they emerge. Rights are not democratizing power, but about protecting against power. Continue reading

Anniversary Blognival: Benhabib in Conversation

In this podcast recorded earlier in August, our regular blogger Mairead Enright conducts a wide-ranging interview with Seyla Benhabib; the Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Political Philosophy at Yale University. We apologise for the poor quality of the sound in places – the interview was recorded over a bad line. You may need to turn your volume up higher than usual.

Interview with Seyla Benhabib

In the interview, Mairead first asks Prof. Benhabib whether her idea of ‘disaggregated citizenship’ accurately describes global transformations in states’ relationship to migrants and whether she is still hopeful that citizenship can be rethought among cosmopolitan lines. Prof. Benhabib discusses the idea at length, using the case of the EU and insists that the evidence points to a long-term trend in Europe and the United States toward the uncoupling of the entitlements of citizenship from ethnic belonging.