Diagnosis for Human Rights?

Human Rights in Ireland is pleased to welcome this guest post from Ben Power. Ben is the Board and Company Secretary for Transgender Equality Network Ireland. For more information on TENI’s work see Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) is Ireland’s national trans organisation. We seek to improve conditions and advance the human rights and equality of trans people(…)

5th Anniversary of decision in Foy v An tArd Chlaraitheoir (No 2) [2007] IEHC 470

Human Rights in Ireland is pleased to host a blog carnival reflecting on the 5th anniversary of the decision in Foy (No 2). This blog carnival is organised by Dr Tanya Ní Mhuirthile. Tanya is a Senior Lecturer at Griffith College Dublin, is on the board of Transgender Equality Network Ireland and is a legal(…)

Marriage Equality: What a Difference a Week Makes?

Edit @ 11 am: It has been pointed out to me that the Constitutional Convention ought to be completed its work before the Zappone case is completed, which puts a different spin on one of my points below and does raise serious questions about why this issue has not been prioritised in the workplan for(…)

Clinton on LGBT Human Rights

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton today delivered a speech in Geneva to mark Human Rights day. This speech focused on LGBT human rights and is quoted in full below. It is certainly worth taking the time to read or watch, the video can be watched here.   Good evening, and let me express my(…)

Restriction on Gays in the US Military Ruled Unconstitutional

Federal Judge Virginia A. Phillips yesterday ruled that the US Military law commonly referred to as “the don’t ask don’t tell policy” was unconstitutional.  Her judgment is available here.  The law was introduced under the Clinton administration in 1993 as a compromise that allowed gay and lesbians to undertake military service.  The policy permits gays(…)

Guest Post: Cobb on LGBT Activism and the State: CPS Hate Crime Scrutiny Panels

We are delighted to welcome this guest post from  Neil Cobb, a Lecturer in Law at Durham University.  Neil’s principal research interests are housing law and policy, criminal law and criminology, discrimination law and law and sexuality. Neil is currently independent legal advisor to the north-east CPS Homophobic/ Transphobic Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel. I have(…)

Guest Post: Barker on Raining on the Civil Partnership Parade

We are delighted to welcome this guest post from Dr. Nicola Barker; a lecturer in law and director of the LLM programme in Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights at Keele University, UK.  She is author of Not the Marrying Kind: Feminist Critiques of Marriage and the Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships (forthcoming, 2011). I was recently at an(…)

Gender Reassignment Surgery, Limited Resources, and 'Positive Results' for Society

Yesterday’s Sunday Tribune reported that Labour councillor, Colm Keaveney (left), is of the view that the HSE ought to desist from funding gender-reassignment surgery abroad (provided under the Treatment Abroad scheme) when there are children waiting for and being deniefd medical treatment here in Ireland. His view seems to be based on a multi-part premise(…)

LGBT Pride: 2009-2010 in Review

This weekend the streets of Dublin will be filled with the 2010 L(esbian) G(ay) B(isexual) T(ransgender) Q(ueer) Pride parade—the culmination of weeks of cultural and other celebrations for Dublin Pride 2010. Indeed, all summer long there will be Pride festivals and parades in towns and cities all over the country: Cork, Waterford, Limerick and Sligo(…)

Guest Contribution: Farrell on Foy Case

Human Rights in Ireland is delighted to welcome this guest post from Michael Farrell, Senior Solicitor at FLAC. The Lydia Foy case Dr Lydia Foy is a transgender woman. She was born in Athlone and was registered at birth as a boy. Growing up she was confused about her gender identity but tried to live(…)

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