EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

The ECJ on Aslyum, Greece & the UK Protocol on the EU Charter

Last Wednesday, the European Court of Justice issued a flurry of judgments just before the Christmas break. Indeed, there were so many interesting and important decisions amongst the twenty or so handed down that seems foolish to consider any of them the ‘most important’. Nonetheless the judgment in NS and Others v SSHD (C-411/10) must be(…)

Zagorski: US Executions, UK Law and European Human Rights

Any case involving the death penalty in the United States and European human rights is likely to pique the interest of legal observers. The death penalty – still an accepted part of the criminal justice system in the United States – is considered to be a violation of human rights in Europe. In Soering v(…)

Saeedi: The UK & the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Saeedi is a labyrinthine EU/UK case relating to whether it is permissible for the UK to transfer an asylum seeker to Greece under the Dublin Regulation notwithstanding the likelihood of ill-treatment there. It merits much more substantive comment than I am able to afford it here. However, one small point, conceded in the Court of(…)

EU Charter of Fundamental Rights after Kücükdeveci

Earlier this year the European Court of Justice handed down its decision in Kücükdeveci – prompting a deluge of commentary from the EU blawgosphere (see some meta-blogging here).The case concerned a claim of age discrimination based on a German employment law that did not take periods of work served prior to the employee’s 25th birthday(…)

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