Legislating for Article 40.3.3 Blog Carnival Conclusion

Cross-posted from Rights NI. Due to technical problems, Human Rights in Ireland could not host yesterday’s Blog Carnival on Legislating for Article 40.3.3. This is the conclusion of the blog carnival, that contains links to all the posts in the blog carnival.

Authors: Dr Catherine O’Sullivan, Faculty of Law University College Cork, Jennifer Schweppe, School of Law, University of Limerick and Dr Eimear Spain, School of Law, University of Limerick

We hope that you have enjoyed the various posts in this special blog carnival on “Legislating for Article 40.3.3.”  The authors of these posts, who are all legal academics or practitioners, have come from different perspectives on the abortion issue and have raised very interesting questions on a variety of matters that stem from Article 40.3.3.  The aim of today’s Carnival was to bring these questions and perspectives to a wider audience in the hope of providing context and contributing to the debate on the need for, and scope of, any legislative or regulatory regime introduced to ensure Ireland’s compatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The impetus for this carnival derives from the  September 2012 Report of the Expert Committee on Abortion on the implications of ABC v. Ireland, the three-day Oireachtas Hearing on the abortion issue in January 2013, and reports in the Irish Times that draft legislation is expected after Easter.

This, the final blog in the carnival, will provide a brief snapshot of the various contributions and will conclude with further details on longer articles that will be based on whole or in part Continue reading “Legislating for Article 40.3.3 Blog Carnival Conclusion”

Legislating for Article 40.3.3 Blog Carnival Conclusion

Blog Carnival Conclusion: The Human Rights Implications of Budget 2010

This Wordle is drawn from the text in all the contributors posts.

As with all blog carnivals, my first task to is to thank those who contributed today: Elaine, Aoife, Danielle, Fergal, Eilonoir, Deirdre, Mairead and Vicky.

Please find all the blog contributions below:

Human Rights and Equality Infrastructure

Criminal Justice System

Targeting the Lost Generation

Women Poverty & Violence

Children’s Rights

The Rights of People with Disabilities

Welfare Cuts and Human Rights

The Right to Work in Ireland

The only task left to me is to close this blog carnival. Today, we have discussed the rights affected in a very academic sense. What we have done is show you the reality of this budget for a segment of the population living in the Republic of Ireland.  This budget will have a minimal impact on some, a more appreciable impact on most, and a noticable  impact on the less well off.

Rather than draw conclusions from the posts above, I will allow you to draw your own conclusions. Did we neglect to discuss the dire economic situation which Ireland is facing? Did we properly discuss the fact that billions of Euro are being spent on bank and business subsidies? Did we properly question the whole economic system upon which Budget 2010 is based? Is the economic system which much of the world has in place conducive to human rights protection?  These are issues not only for the Republic of Ireland to face, but for the globe at large.

Blog Carnival Conclusion: The Human Rights Implications of Budget 2010