Call for Submissions: The Rights of Older Persons

Irish Community Development Law Journal is a peer reviewed onlCLM logoine journal, published twice a year by Community Law & Meditation (formerly Northside Community Law & Mediation Centre) in Coolock, Dublin. The journal seeks to offer a platform for interaction that encourages greater scholarly and academic collaboration in the areas of social policy, law and community development, promoting the practice of community economic development law and policy in Ireland and learning about these initiatives in other countries.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 10th April 2015

This edition will explore the theme of the older person in the context of law, human rights and advocacy.  Is the older person’s voice sometimes disregarded or devalued in society?  The aim of this edition is to discuss a number of key legal and policy issues of relevance to older persons.  Suggested areas of interest include, but are not limited to, retirement and employment rights, discrimination, elder abuse, assisted decision-making and capacity, elder mediation, the rights of grandparents, minimum adequate income, legal practice and advocacy in the context of older persons.

This edition seeks to examine the issues arising for the older person and the rights engaged, to stimulate debate, to encourage reflective practice, to highlight casework and evidence, and to engage a global audience.

Submissions are welcome from practitioners and academics working across a broad spectrum of professions and academic disciplines.

If you are interested in writing an article, a book review or case‐study, please email:

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Call for Submissions: The Rights of Older Persons

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Roma and Politics: A Chance for Change?

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is accepting original articles and other submissions (book reviews, interviews with key figures and conference reports) for its Roma Rights journal (1/2011) from a broad range of disciplines addressing the topic: Roma and Politics: A chance for change?

Participatory democracy is one of the fundamental principles of Europe, as promulgated by European institutions. This concept suggests that a citizen’s active involvement in the decision-making process should go beyond merely voting in the elections. A participatory democracy should create opportunities for citizens to meaningfully contribute to decision-making and broaden the range of people who have access to such opportunities. Only through making participatory democracy a reality can a society go beyond representative democracy where voting is the main form of influencing decision-making and most power is vested in the parliament and government. In a participatory democracy all groups and individuals have opportunities to reflect their particular concerns, issues, problems and solutions.

And yet even representative democracy is an unfulfilled principle in the case of Europe’s Roma. While Romani communities and individuals continue to face severe discrimination and exclusion, they are still not in a position to raise their own voice to policy-makers Continue reading “CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Roma and Politics: A Chance for Change?”

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Roma and Politics: A Chance for Change?