Letter to the Irish Times on Abortion Legislation and Fatal Foetal Abnormalities.

The following letter to the Editor of the Irish Times was carried in the print edition of the newspaper (but not the online edition) on June 13th. We reprint it here for readers’ information. Dear Editor, We understand that the Minister for Health has been advised that it is not possible to include terminations for(…)

Is Article 8 ECHR the ‘Feminist Article’?

We are very pleased to welcome this guest post from Helen Fenwick who is Professor at Durham Law School. Helen is an expert in civil liberties, human rights and counter-terrorism law. She is also an expert advisor for Liberty and has been involved in policy development at national and international levels.  This post is also(…)

GuestPost: Ruth Fletcher’s submission to the Oireachtas Abortion Hearings.

We are pleased to post Dr. Ruth Fletcher’s submission to the Health Committee on the General Scheme of the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill, 2013. Ruth is Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of Centre for Law, Ethics and Society at Keele University. She spoke at the final day of the Committee’s hearings on(…)

The Protection of Human Life Bill, 2013: Your Questions Answered.

The General Scheme of the  Protection of Human Life Bill During Pregnancy Bill 2013 was published last night. The General Scheme is not a draft Bill but it gives us a sense of the likely content of the Bill and of the rationale for the proposed provisions. This is a quick overview of some of(…)

Cathleen Ní Houlihan and the protection of Ireland’s femininity

Cathleen Ní Houlihan and the protection of Ireland’s femininity

In the years preceding independence, the vision of Ireland as a women in need of protection became a standard of nationalism. Genderised Ireland has roots in Róisín Dubh and the Earl of Tyrone’s attempts to stay off the Tudor expansion in Ireland. Directly linking the Earl’s resistance to his daughter’s woes, standing in for a(…)

Abortion, Unease and Citizenship in Ireland.

This is a cross-post from Inherently Human: Critical Perspectives on Gender, Law and Sexuality. A great deal has been written about the recent developments in Irish abortion law. Most readers will know the basics. The Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, as interpreted in a case famously known as X, provides that a pregnancy may only(…)

Can a Separate Scheme for Suicide in the Abortion Legislation be Justified?

Today’s (Irish) Sunday Times reports (no online link) that at least some members of Fine Gael want the proposed abortion legislation to include a requirement that six medical professionals would certify the need for abortion in cases of suicidal ideation. Whether this claim is correct or not, and whether—if it is correct—it will survive the(…)

Religion, Conscience and Abortion in Ireland.

Irish women are still travelling to England to terminate their pregnancies. Meanwhile, the legal fallout of the Eighth Amendment mounts up. At the inquest into the death of Savita Halappanavar in Galway last week, a senior midwife manager explained how she had come to make the ‘Catholic country’ remark which, in the words of the(…)

AG v X: 21 years and counting…

It is 21 years ago today that the Supreme Court handed down its now infamous judgment in Attorney General v X [1991] 1 IR 1. That case fleshed out the meaning of the 8th Amendment to the Constitution, inserted in 1983 as Article 40.3.3. By protecting the life of the “unborn” to an equal degree(…)

CCJHR Conference (UCC): Reforming Abortion Law Comparative Perspectives 22 March 2013

On March 22 2013, the Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, Faculty of Law, UCC will host a conference on Reforming Abortion Law: Comparative Perspectives. This event is part of the Gender, Law and Sexuality research initiative in the Faculty of Law, supported by the Irish Research Council and Dean of Law Strategic Fund. Convened by(…)

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