If you are looking for a paving contractor in Dublin, you ought to search for a Dublin paving company that have been operating their business for multiple years. Paving in Dublin must be installed to a high standard if you want a long lasting paving surface. Everything from water drainage to adequate sub base and correct water fall levels being set all have a bearing on it.

Paving installed sub par will have a very short lifespan. Before employing a paving company, do a careful vetting on any of the contractors you are thinking of hiring to see whether they have carried out much work in any of the areas near you. Request references from the paving company so you can contact their previous customers.

Inquire as to whether any of your Dublin paving company’s are registered and insured to carry out driveway or patio installations. See if they had any bad reviews and if they honoured any of the repair work they had to carry out. Choose 3 Dublin pavers to look over and afterwards, compare reputation with price and the quality of their work. Get some information about the way they would install paving on your driveway.

There are a few different paving options available. Here is a short rundown and breakdown of the different types of paving available.

Standard Paving – This is the most commonly used block paving. It is installed in either a 45 or 90 degree pattern normally. Using any other pattern is not recommend for driveway or patio areas. This type of paving is designed to interlock through the herringbone laying pattern and for vehicular traffic, it is highly recommended to install that way.

Cobble Stones – This type of paving generally is laid in 3 different sizes. Small, medium and large. It is installed in a staggered pattern. It is not designed to interlock like herringbone so you can be more creative in your laying patterns. You can choose to lay it just in one size. If you are using it in one size, we recommend using the large version for extra stability on your driveway

Flagstones, Natural Stone – Natural stone paving is generally more expensive to install. The labour costs are higher due to a longer installation time and the materials are more expensive as its natural. However for durability and for maintaining its colour, nothing comes close to it. It can be laid in a variety of patterns which means it will suit any driveway, patio or pathway area.

Regardless of your choice of paving, it represents a huge improvement over any other type of driveway or patio option. We always recommend block paving as a long term, durable and vibrant driveway option.