Recommended Reading: Human Rights and the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games have begun. The Games are traditionally presented as a bargaining chip in the context of international human rights diplomacy, but the full picture is much more complex. For those readers who are interested in the human rights aspects of the Games, there is a selection of recommended (open-access) readings after the jump. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the issues raised by the Games – please feel free to suggest other readings in the comments. You can find commentary on the ongoing human rights impact of the Games in London at Games Monitor and  at the Counter Olympics Network. An introduction to the political context of the Games is here.

Gender and Sexuality

Embodiment and Disability

Class and Poverty

  • This Games Monitor briefing paper documents the population displacements which occured in East London to make room for the Games.
  • This HEA Discussion Paper discusses homelessness policy in the context of the Games, paying attention to forcible clearance of the homeless prior to the Sydney and Atlanta Games.

Racial and Cultural Minorities

Security, Policing and Civil Liberties

Corporate Responsibility


Recommended Reading: Human Rights and the Olympic Games.

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