Equal Love: Partnership and Marriage Rights in the UK

Today will see a press conference and discussion panel at King’s College London to announce the launching of a legal challenge to UK law on partnership and marriage. The “Equal Love” campaign is challenging the ban on same-sex marriage and opposite-sex civil partnerships. Eight couples are filing a joint application to the European Court on Human Rights to challenge the UK. Speaking about the action, Professor Rob Wintemute of King’s College London said:

I am confident that we have a good chance of persuading the European Court of Human Rights that the UK’s system of segregating couples into two ‘separate but equal’ legal institutions violates the European Convention. I predict that same-sex couples will be granted access to marriage in the UK. The government will eventually accept that it cannot defend the current discriminatory system.

The launch takes place at 10am and will feature speeches from Lord Anthony Lester QC and Peter Tatchell, co-ordinator of the campaign.

Equal Love: Partnership and Marriage Rights in the UK

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