#DirectProvision15: Proximity Mouth at Dublin Castle

DP15_logoThis contribution, from Dominic Thorpe, UCD College of Humanities, artist in residence. This was originally published here

This performance was made in the former children’s court at Dublin Castle. During the performance audience members were given a short tour of the former court by tour guides who have personal experience of the current Direct provision asylum system in Ireland.


DT3Audience members were brought into the room one at a time and had to hold the hand of their tour guide, who told them the history of the court room.


DT1There was a young girl sitting in the part of the room where the judge used to sit. She gave each audience member a sheet of paper containing a list of all the direct provision asylum centres operating in Ireland at the time of the performance. She folded the sheet of paper into an origami aeroplane or boat, depending on the choice of the audience member.

DT2Dominic Thorpe repeatedly made a clicking sound by biting the edge of a large mirror. He used the mirror to make visual reflections of the room and to show people themselves in the room. He also intermittently opened and closed the shutters leaving the room in light or darkness at different points during the performance.


#DirectProvision15: Proximity Mouth at Dublin Castle

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