Problems in US Preclearance in Ireland? Lawyers & Others who can help

Throughout the day I have been contacted by lawyers and others who are ready and able to help anyone caught up in the administration and application of the Executive Order in Irish airports. Here is the list. If you want to be added to it, please either let me know on twitter (@fdelond) or make it known in a comment to this post. We will keep updating this list.

FLAC will try to arrange representation for anyone who needs it; contact them at or directly on twitter @flacireland

The Immigrant Council of Ireland will also help anyone who needs it; contact at or directly on twitter @immigrationIRL

Doras Luimní can offer support to anyone caught up in the application of the EO in Shannon Airport (Examiner report); contact them through their website


Gareth Noble @GarNob and all at KOD Lyons Solicitors

Albert Llussa, Daly Lynch Crowe and Morris Solicitors, The Corn Exchange, Burgh Quay, Dublin 2, T:+35316715618, +35314749134, E:, , W:

Miriam WIlson-Hughes @Griff101

Matthew Kenny of O’Sullivan-Kenny Solicitors was in touch to offer help from the firm

John Anthony Devlin of Barron Morris Solicitors

Simon McGarr of McGarr Solicitors

Cahir O’Higgins Solicitors Tel: 018744744

Stephen Collins, Irish Refugee Council (see comments)

The Bar of Ireland runs a Voluntary Assistance Scheme for NGOs in need of assistance from barristers; we are sure they would help: @BarofIrelandVAS email:

Anne Fitzpatrick

Gavin Elliot @sgelliot

Emma Slattery @epslattery

Patricia Brazil 

Garrett O’Halloran

Colin Smith

Patricia Sheehy Skeffington

Rory Treanor

Aoife McMahon

David Lennon

Julie O’Leary

Ann K Stapleton

William McLoughlin

Roger Cross

Paralegals, Legal Research, General Legal Knowledge
Jo Willis @jobw

Maria Hennessy @MP_Hennessy

Joan O’Connell  @clicky_here

Catherine Thullier (see comments below)

Ciara Ní Ghabhann

Donna Lyons, researcher & attorney-at-law (New York)

Patricia MacBridge @IRLpatricia

Jennifer Schweppe (Limerick) @jschweppe 

Darius Whelan (UCC) @dariuswirl

Siobhan Mullally (UCC) @smullallylaw

Fiona de Londras (Birmingham) @fdelond

Media, logistics and PR
Louise Williams @loureports

Practical Knowledge of CBP & Immigration

Colm Falherty @CJayFla

Colin Lenihan @colinlenihan

Problems in US Preclearance in Ireland? Lawyers & Others who can help

5 thoughts on “Problems in US Preclearance in Ireland? Lawyers & Others who can help

  1. Stephen Collins says:

    Dear Fiona,

    Please add my name to this initiative. I have experience in prote ction claims and refusals of leave to land situations.

    Yours sincerely,

    Stephen Collins

  2. Dear Sirs

    This is Libby Charlton BL. I am the VAS (Voluntary Assistance Scheme) co-ordinator at the the Bar of Ireland . I woud be so grateful if you could put up our email so that charities and NGOs can get in touch if they need advice or assistance.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Ann Ungvarsky says:

    I am involved with Lawyers for Good Government (L4GG), an American organisation that is helping to coordinate the efforts of the diverse group of lawyers, barristers, and solicitors who are working on this issue in the U.S. and internationally. I have volunteered to act as a conduit between legal professionals and human rights organisations that are working on this issue in the U.S. and Ireland.

    If you know of anyone in Ireland who is actually working with people affected by the EO, would you please let me know? L4GG has a wealth of knowledge and contacts on the subject and may be of help.

    Also, please note that this is not only a preclearance issue at the moment. In some countries, certain airlines have refused to issue boarding passes or sell tickets to affected people, even green card holders. If anyone has contacts at Aer Lingus, it would be very helpful to know their stance on the issue and whether they have dealt/are dealing with any affected people attempting to travel to the U.S. through Dublin or Shannon airports (or abroad, if Aer Lingus offers U.S. flights from other ports).

    FYI: An L4GG member has noted that U.S. preclearance in Dublin has been granting entry to their green card holder and dual citizen clients from the 7 countries affected.

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