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TCD Event: Enforcement of Economic, Social & Cultural Rights

TCD Event: Enforcement of Economic, Social & Cultural Rights

On Friday 09 May 2014, Prof Gerry Whyte is organising a conference on the enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights. This will take place in the Emmet Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin. This follows the recent recommendation of the Constitutional Convention to extend constitutional protection for ESC rights. The conference will discuss how(…)

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Ireland – Why the Constitution?

We are delighted to welcome this post from Katie Boyle on economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights in the Irish Constitution. Katie is a PhD student at the University of Limerick and an ESRC Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. She is also a solicitor and has previously advised state departments and parliamentary bodies on(…)

The Trouble with Redress – Symphysiotomy and Other Failures.

In recent days, we have heard a lot from the Government about the scars of past institutional abuses of power in Ireland. We know that women and children were subjected to routine and varied abuses of power in schools, religious penal institutions and hospitals. These violences were bodily, intimate, painful and entirely beyond reduction to(…)

Religious oaths and the constitutional convention

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Dr Alison Mawhinney, Reader in Law at Bangor University. The Constitutional Convention is now entering the final quarter of its work programme. This month it will conduct a series of regional meetings before returning to Dublin to consider the final two items on its agenda: removal(…)

Abuse Redress, Property and the Catholic Church in Ireland.

In 2002, the Irish Ministers for Finance and Education entered into a binding ‘Congregational Indemnity Agreement‘ with the Conference of Religious in Ireland, which was then representing 18 religious orders. The State had established the Residential Institutions Redress Board (RIRB), which was intended to provide redress to the former inmates of religious residential institutions. Pat(…)

Romani in Europe: Persecution & Poverty

One week after she had originally been removed from the Romani camp in which she has been raised for the past four years, DNA tests show that a Bulgarian couple are the birth parents of the girl we only know as ‘Maria’. After what has been deemed an ‘international search’ it turns out that ‘Mystery(…)

Race, Roma Parents and the Child Care Act.

Irish and international media outlets have been reporting that, in the past three days,  in two separate operations, gardai removed a young Roma girl and boy from their family homes (see here and here), placed them temporarily in the care of the State, and required them and their parents to submit to DNA testing to(…)

Marriage equality: French Constitutional Court rejects mayors’ conscience claim

The French Conseil Constitutionnel (constitutional court) has held that mayors and civil registrars who oppose same-sex marriage on grounds of conscience or religious belief  have no constitutional right to be exempted from the duty to officiate marriages between persons of the same sex. The decision (in French only) is available here. The case was taken by six(…)

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