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A Modest Proposal on Abortion Reform in Ireland

A Modest Proposal on Abortion Reform in Ireland

Yesterday the UN Human Rights Committee released its Concluding Observations on Ireland’s compliance with the ICCPR, following hearings in Geneva on which Máiréad Enright blogged here and here. Those Concluding Observations made difficult reading, especially—although not exclusively—as regards the (historical and contemporary) treatment of women in Ireland. One of the main loci for the Committee’s attention(…)

A Mother and Baby Homes Commission: Lessons from the Murphy Report at the UNHRC.

Tuesday was the second, and most eventful, day of the Irish state’s examination before the ICCPR . I have made a Storify of my tweets and some others from Geneva, which is embedded at the bottom of this post, and includes some video from the examination. Symphysiotomy in Geneva  and Mother and Baby Homes in Dublin. I want to dwell,(…)

Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project Website Launched.

The Irish and Northern Irish Feminist Judgments Project begins today with the launch of a new website: A collective of academics and practitioners based in Ireland and abroad will rewrite 30 important legal judgments, which they believe would have been decided differently if a feminist perspective had been brought to bear on the case. The cases selected(…)

Ireland before the UNHRC.

I am in Geneva as part of the Irish NGO delegation to Ireland’s 4th Periodic Review under the ICCPR.* Readers will be aware that the UN Human Rights Committee heard testimony early yesterday from some 12 Irish NGOs and civil society organisations, and from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. It might be interesting to give a sense of(…)

What’s Wrong With The Murphy Redress Scheme?

The report of the Independent Review of Issues Relating to Symphysiotomy is out. So too, at long last, is Prof. Oonagh Walsh’s final Report on Symphysiotomy in Ireland 1944 -1984.  If you need a reminder of what symphysiotomy is, and of the human rights abuses which characterised its practice in Ireland, you can see Survivors(…)

Re(al)-Productive Health: Our Campaign.

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from  the wonderful people at Re(al)-Productive Health. Re(al)-Productive Health is a working group, launched in October 2013, which actively campaigns on issues concerning reproductive care in Ireland. Our initial campaign has focused on the availability of and access to over the counter emergency hormonal contraception. In April(…)

Marking the 2004 Citizenship Referendum – Wednesday June 11 at 1pm

At 1 pm on Wednesday June 11th, a solidarity event will be held outside the Dáil  to mark ten years since the 2004 Citizenship Referendum was passed. The referendum ended the automatic right of children born in Ireland to Irish citizenship.  Over the last ten years, this referendum has divided families, divided the entire population, and(…)

Abortion Secrecy/Abortion Privacy

These are notes for a  response to Prof. Carol Sanger’s talk ‘Abortion Secrecy/Abortion Privacy’ given at UCC on June 6.  An earlier version of Prof. Sanger’s talk, given at Birmingham Law School, is available to watch here, and is well worth your time. Abortion Secrecy Secrecy is as much about what others would think if they(…)

New Publication: #DirectProvision14 No Place to Call Home

New Publication: #DirectProvision14 No Place to Call Home

Following on from Human Rights in Ireland’s marking of 14 Years of Direct Provision in Ireland (see all posts here), along with Caroline Reid from the Irish Refugee Council, a publication marking this event has now been produced. Once again, my thanks to all those who contributed blog posts, in particular asylum seekers who spoke(…)

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