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Options for Constitutional Reform #repealthe8th

This joint post by Máiréad Enright and Fiona de Londras draws heavily from Enright & de Londras, “’Empty Without and Empty Within’: The Unworkability of the Eighth Amendment after Savita Halappanavar and Miss Y” (2014) 20(2) Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland __ (forthcoming) The current constitutional framework for abortion, stemming from the Eighth Amendment, inflicts significant harm(…)

The Problems of Travelling to Access Basic Care #repealthe8th

by Sheelagh McGuinness & Marie Fox Following a recent Dublin conference on ‘Building a coalition to repeal the 8th Amendment’, co-organiser Sinéad Kennedy asserted that “[t]he Eighth amendment is a source of discrimination against women but it particularly affects marginalised women who have suffered disproportionately; migrant women, women with little or no income, women who(…)

The Art of Listening #repealthe8th

by Roja Fazaeli The art of listening is in short supply in all too many professions. My own experience giving birth in the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin in January 2014 illustrates this. While I had some moments of extraordinarily good care during my pregnancy, these were outweighed and overshadowed by bad care. I trace(…)

Staying on board: Contraception, abortion and healthcare in Ireland #repealthe8th

by Fiona Dunkin & Aoife Campbell, Re(al)-Productive Health On 22nd May 1971, a band of 47 women marched brazenly and triumphantly into Connolly station in Dublin, armed with various assortments of condoms, spermicides, jelly and what appeared to be contraceptive pills.* To many onlookers in Connolly station that day, this was a scandalous, or at(…)

The Geography of Abortion #repealthe8th

It is interesting to speculate what Irish abortion law might look like if Ireland were to be situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean rather than on its edge. (Preferably, this would be somewhere warm and sunny, out of the path of hurricanes). If travelling to our nearest neighbour were a lengthy and prohibitively(…)

ARC on the need to #repealthe8th

by Abortion Rights Campaign A common, almost hackneyed maxim (replicable to outline any injustice by changing the last word) goes that a society is best judged by how it treats its women. If a society treats its women as second-class citizens or, in the already immortal words of the UN Human Rights Committee Chair Sir(…)

Abortion in Ireland: Some Considerations for Non-Extremists #repealthe8th

by Clara Cecilia Fischer Last month, Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar, stated that the problem with the abortion debate in Ireland is that it is dominated by the extremes, that is, by those on the anti-choice and the pro-choice sides, or by the “Catholic versus anti-Catholic view of things.” Such assertions of extremism in Ireland(…)

The Shape of Maternity: Recommendations for Reform in Maternity Care #repealthe8th

It is now 21 years since the 8th Amendment. However there are other dates to remember when considering the experience of pregnant women in Ireland. It is also eleven years since Michael Neary was struck off the medical register. Eight years since Judge Harding-Clarke’s report into obstetric practices at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda.(…)

Young Women and Abortion #repealthe8th

Young Women and Abortion Introduction Despite the fact that all the cases which have come before the Irish courts on the question of abortion and the correct interpretation of Article 40.3.3 have involved young women, there has been very little analysis of the rights of such women to access maternity care and make decisions in(…)

Abortion and Gender Recognition. #repealthe8th

By Peter Dunne In recent years, there has been a growing tendency – both in Ireland and farther afield – to link the issues of abortion and same-gender marriage. During his presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004, George W Bush famously positioned himself as a strongman conservative, who would push back against court-imposed reproductive rights(…)

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