Criminal Justice

Finding an ECHR-proofed process for the release of life sentence prisoners

We are pleased to welcome this guest post by Diarmuid Griffin, lecturer in Criminal Law and Criminology at NUI Galway. Ireland has always tended to look to England and Wales when considering reform in the criminal justice arena. However, when it comes to the planned legislative reform of the parole of life sentence prisoners, we should(…)

Call for Inquiry into policing of Corrib

On HRinI we’ve blogged on numerous occasions about the ongoing campaign in the West of Ireland to challenge Shell’s building of an on-shore refinery (see for instance here, here and here ) with a particular emphasis on the policing of that dispute. Many of those involved in the protests have come together to call for an(…)

Criminology and Penology Special Issue of IJASS

The Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies has recently published a special issue on Criminology and Penology, guest edited by Dr Liam Leonard, Associate Professor, Dept. Sociology & Anthropology, West Virginia University. Many topical issues are discussed within this issue, ranging from education in prisons to rape conviction rates and from adult cautioning to child imprisonment. The full(…)

Conference: Law in Action Re-Imagining Clinical Legal Education In Ireland

Conference: Law in Action Re-Imagining Clinical Legal Education In Ireland

On Friday, 13th June 2014 from 10am to 5pm, UCD Sutherland School of Law will host a conference Law in Action Re-Imagining Clinical Legal Education In Ireland.  Organised  jointly between UCD School of Law,  the Public Interest Law Alliance, University of Ulster Law Clinic and the Irish Clinical Legal Education Association, the full programme with an(…)

The Need for Effective Diversion: The Report into the Death of Gary Douch

The recently published Report into the death of Gary Douch examined the circumstances behind his death in Mountjoy prison in 2006.  The 4 volumes of the Report are available here.  Gary Douch was killed by a Stephen Egan, a prisoner who was identified as being “troublesome and disruptive” and was well known throughout the Irish(…)

Legal professionals as ‘bloodhounds’ for white-collar criminality

We are pleased to welcome this guest post by Dr Joe McGrath, NUI Galway. A part of the prosecution against some former executives at Anglo Irish Bank, ostensibly initiated by a Garda raid on that bank’s headquarters in February of 2009, has now collapsed over five years later. The Court has directed that the jury(…)

Garda Taping of Telephone Calls: A Worst-Case Scenario Consideration

It has come to light in the course of recent days that there has been a practice in a “large number” of garda (police) stations allowing for the recording of telephone calls, both incoming to and outgoing from the station. Information is emerging in a piecemeal fashion but it seems that this may have been(…)

What would a police authority/board do?

In the midst of the ongoing row about the withdrawal of comments, it is being reported today that the Cabinet may discuss the idea of a police board or authority at their meeting tomorrow. This idea is not a new one. Fine Gael and Labour made such a suggestion in 2006, as did the ICCL.(…)

Taxes, juries and emergency powers: Murphy v Ireland

In a resolutely formalistic judgment, the Supreme Court yesterday rejected a constitutional challenge to the hearing of “ordinary” cases in the Special Criminal Court. Thomas Murphy had been charged with failing to make his tax returns — an indictable offence that is tried usually in the “ordinary courts” —  but the DPP certified that such courts are “inadequate to secure the effective(…)

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