End Direct Provision: #DirectProvision15

End Direct Provision: #DirectProvision15

Caroline Reid is the Communications Officer, Irish Refugee Council. Liam Thornton is a lecturer in law in UCD.  On April 10th 2015, direct provision will be 15 years in existence. To mark this, Human Rights in Ireland will dedicate one week to contributions on the direct provision system: its impact on people, their physical and mental(…)

Public Lawyers, Public Values: Debating Government Lawyering in Ireland

Public Lawyers, Public Values: Debating Government Lawyering in Ireland

Recent debates regarding the availability of the Attorney General’s advice underline the need for Ireland to engage in a first principles discussion of the Government’s approach to lawyering and dispute resolution. The disastrous symphysiotomy redress scheme, the Garda taping scandal and our ongoing struggle to fix the basic content of the Constitution in our legislative debates show(…)

Foetal Life, Natural Death, and the 8th Amendment

This morning three members of the High Court are hearing an application from the parents of a woman in her mid-20s who, following a brain trauma, lies clinically dead in a midlands hospital and whose doctors have declined to turn off life support as she is pregnant. For these doctors (and, it now emerges, two(…)

Sinn Féin, Constitutional Politics and the Rule of Law

Six months ago, Malachi O’Doherty claimed that with his arrest over the murder of Jean McConville, Gerry Adams’ political career was as good as over; “Adams’s southern political ambitions are now dead, whatever happens next”. Just a month later, following European and Local elections that saw Sinn Féin maintain their position in Northern Ireland and(…)

Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments: First Workshop ‘The Foreign Subject’

We are delighted to welcome back Ruth Houghton, a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Ph.D. candidate at Durham Law School who has previously written for us here and here. Ruth is also a commentator on the Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project. The post was published on Inherently Human. The Project As has been previously mentioned on this(…)

A new Constitutional Settlement for Northern Ireland: Queries from International Law

This post was jointly written by regular contributor Aoife O’Donoghue and Ben Warwick. Ben is a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD candidate at Durham Law School. His research centres on resource constraints and the implementation of economic and social rights.  The starting gun has been fired on constitutional debate in the UK. The prospect of Scottish independence, potentially increased(…)

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