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The constitutional right to legal advice after arrest

The constitutional right to legal advice after arrest

Yesterday the Supreme Court quashed Raymond Gormley’s conviction for attempted rape, due to the absence of legal advice prior to Garda questioning of him. The critical issue before the Supreme Court in People (DPP) v Gormley and People (DPP) v White was whether an arrested person is entitled to legal advice prior to the commencement of(…)

Broken Promises and Delays for Magdalenes: A Response to Minister Alan Shatter.

We are delighted to host this post by Maeve O’Rourke, Barrister and James Smith from Boston College. It is a response to a recent Letter to the Editor of the Irish Times by Minister for Justice, Mr Alan Shatter, T.D. Last Wednesday (Feb. 19th) marked the one-year anniversary of the State apology to Magdalene Laundry(…)

Miranda v SSHD, Counter-Terrorism and Secrecy

This is a longer version of a post I was invited to contribute to the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog and which is published here Much has already been written about the High Court’s decision in R (Miranda) v Secretary of State for the Home Department including here on HRinI by Colin Murray. In terms of its(…)

Pushing Their Luck? UK Counter-Terrorism Powers and David Miranda

Stop and Search certainly was the hot human rights news story of last summer within the UK. Schedule 7 powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 allow for extended powers to stop and search, and even detain for up to nine hours individuals in the context of ports and airports, for the purpose of assessing whether(…)

Dirty Assets: Emerging Issues in the Regulation of Criminal and Terrorist Assets

Increasing concerns surrounding organised crime, terrorism and corruption have given rise to a realisation that conventional policing methods are insufficient on their own to deter, or disrupt, those engaged in criminal activities. One consequence of this has been an increasing focus on the financial assets that stem from criminal activities. This is unsurprising given the(…)

Business and Human Rights In Ireland’s Foreign Policy Review

We are delighted to welcome the latest in a series of cross-posts by Dr Shane Darcy from the Business and Human Rights in Ireland Blog. The Business and Human Rights in Ireland Blog is dedicated to tracking and analysing developments relating to business and human rights in Ireland. It aims to address legal and policy(…)

New Ombudsman to Deliver First Public Lecture in NUI Galway

The newly-appointed Ombudsman and Information Commissioner, Peter Tyndall, will deliver his first public lecture since taking up office in NUI Galway on Wednesday 19th February. The lecture, which will take place at 8pm in the Aula Maxima (lower), will be hosted by the School of Law to mark the first ten years of its LL.M(…)

Surveillance of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission

Two days ago John Mooney in The Sunday Times reported allegations that last year the office of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) had been bugged. Specifically, the allegations stated that during a security sweep conducted by an English security firm a physical surveillance device had been found and that the Office’s WiFi had been compromised.(…)

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