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From time to time we invite academics, advocates, activists and others to contribute to HRinI. To suggest a guest post, e-mail any blog author. Details on the Authors page.

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O’Conaill on the ‘Logic’ of ‘No’ #marref

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Donnchadh O’Conaill (left). Donnchadh is a Lecturer in Metaphysics at the University of Leeds. In the autumn he will be moving to Helsinki to take up a postdoctoral position on The Epistemology of Metaphysics project. The referendum on same-sex marriage has thrown up a variety of arguments from(…)

Engagements, Unions and the Law: the ‘Re-boot of’ Collective Bargaining in Ireland

We are pleased to welcome this guest post by Professor Michael Doherty, Maynooth University. Whenever a suggestion is made to strengthen the collective bargaining rights of trade unions in the workplace, the cry that ‘the multinationals won’t wear it’ is never far behind. However, Ireland currently has the weakest legal protection for collective bargaining (the(…)

Children’s Rights and Marriage Equality

Children’s Rights and Marriage Equality

Human Rights in Ireland welcomes this guest post on the marriage equality referendum and children’s rights from Prof. Ursula Kilkelly. Ursula is Dean of UCC School of Law and an international expert in rights of the child. Debate on the proposed constitutional amendment introducing marriage equality into Irish law has been dominated by its potential(…)

What Makes a Legal Marriage? A Response to the Catholic Church

What Makes a Legal Marriage? A Response to the Catholic Church

Dr Maebh Harding is an Assistant Professor, School of Law, University of Warwick. The recent threat by Ireland’s Catholic bishops to refuse to perform the civil aspects of a wedding if the marriage equality referendum is ratified will have no effect on the legal validity of Catholic marriages in Ireland. Parties to a marriage are married(…)

The unhappy marriage of traditional values and the regulation of same-sex love

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Aengus Carroll. Aengus is co-author of State-Sponsored Homophobia: A World Survey of Laws: criminalisation, protection and recognition of same-sex love 2015 (report and world map) published by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), which has a membership of 1,100 LGBTI organisations worldwide. This(…)

Marriage equality: The end of the world as we know it?

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Professor Donncha O’Connell, Head of the School of Law at NUI Galway. Voting no to marriage equality will have as much effect on surrogacy and other forms of assisted human reproduction as voting no to divorce had on rates of marriage breakdown and voting yes to(…)

Maynooth University to Host Seminar on the Rights of Minority Groups on 20th April 2015

The Centre for Rights Recognition and Redistribution, Department of Applied Social Studies & the Department of Law at Maynooth University will run a seminar entitled ‘Promoting & Progressing the Rights of Persons from Minority Groups’ on Monday, April 20th 2015.  The seminar will run from 13.30- 17.00 in Renehan Hall, South Campus, Maynooth University. International Guest Speakers:(…)

The International Criminal Court Summer School 2015: 15-19 June 2015, NUI Galway, Ireland

The ICC Summer School at the Irish Centre for Human Rights is the premier summer school on the International Criminal Court, the world’s permanent institution for the trial of international crimes. This year’s ICC Summer School will take place from 15-19 June 2015 at NUI Galway, Ireland. The Summer School comprises a series of intensive(…)

#DirectProvision15: Proximity Mouth at Dublin Castle

#DirectProvision15: Proximity Mouth at Dublin Castle

This contribution, from Dominic Thorpe, UCD College of Humanities, artist in residence. This was originally published here.  This performance was made in the former children’s court at Dublin Castle. During the performance audience members were given a short tour of the former court by tour guides who have personal experience of the current Direct provision(…)

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