Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project Website Launched.

02-Carey-YoungThe Irish and Northern Irish Feminist Judgments Project begins today with the launch of a new website:
A collective of academics and practitioners based in Ireland and abroad will rewrite 30 important legal judgments, which they believe would have been decided differently if a feminist perspective had been brought to bear on the case. The cases selected will cover constitutional law, child and family law, reproductive rights, property law, criminal law, immigration law and religious freedom. By rethinking the process of judgment, the project will demonstrate the influence which judges have had on women’s lives, and on the politics of identity in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
The project will run from October 2014 to September 2015. A series of workshops will be held throughout Ireland in the autumn and in the spring, at which draft judgments will be presented for discussion by academics, practitioners and activists. A book, collating the feminist judgments produced during the project, will be published by Hart in 2016. For further details, email
The project is led by Dr. Aoife O’Donoghue (University of Durham), Dr. Julie McCandless (London School of Economics) and Mairead Enright (University of Kent)
You can follow the project on twitter at @irishfjp and on facebook at
Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project Website Launched.

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