Gerard Hogan SC nominated to High Court

This afternoon it was announced that one of the foremost constitutional and administrative lawyers in Ireland, Dr Gerard Hogan (left), has been nominated to the High Court by the government and he will shortly be appointed by the President. Gerard Hogan’s name is one of the most prominent in Irish law. There is hardly a freshman law student in the country who has not learned from his writings in constitutional law, not least among them his version–co-authored with Prof. Gerry Whyte–of Kelly: The Irish Constitution, now in its 4th edition. He is also co-author, with Prof. David Gwynn Morgan, of the foremost text Administrative Law. On top of this he is the author of dozens of articles published in both Irish and international law reviews.

As a practitioner at the Irish bar Dr Hogan has appeared in some of the most important and contentious cases on Irish constitutional law of the past twenty years, including acting on behalf of the Irish Human Rights Commission. Gerard Hogan is both a scholar and a practitioner; he is also universally regarded as an excellent mentor to younger colleagues at the Bar and to PhD candidates in Trinity where he taught until 2007. Dr Hogan will replace Liam McKechnie J. who was recently elevated to the Supreme Court bench (post). We send him our congratulations.

Gerard Hogan SC nominated to High Court

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