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  1. Ian says:

    Hi, my name is Ian Whannel, I am a UK citizen. For a number of years I have been getting harrased by the UK Authorities. I believe that a powerful politician is being blackmailed and used against me, you can read my story as it’s been happening at There was an electrical problem in the UK house we were staying at and the authorities ordered us out, they took my long term (15 years) partner into care and in my opinion unlafully detained me overnight. They will not tell me where my partner is. Then they would not let me back in my house for any of my possesions, not even my false teeth citing electrical issue making it dangerous. So I found my self partnerless homeless and no income. As usual I was still being harrased by the police, so I fled to Ireland hoping I would get sanctuary from the harrasment but it wasn’t long before the Irish Authorities started harrasing me too. So with my savings running low, I applied for political asylum in dublin and they said I could not as I am an EU citizen and I had to apply for Irish citizen ship to get benefits help with accomodation and access to health care. They said that without proper photo identification there is nothing they can do. I am now living in a tent but money for buying food is running out fast. Is there anything you can do to help me, I dare not go back to the UK? Regards Ian.

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