Founded in August 2009, Human Rights in Ireland is a group academic blog with a focus on human rights issues in Ireland and on Irish scholarship about human rights theory, practice, law and politics more generally. The primary intention behind this blog is to provide an online arena for discussing issues arising in Ireland in relation to human rights. In addition to this, we cover Irish scholarship on human rights, and international and comparative developments.

The  blog’s authors are academics, mostly lawyers, who are working either in Ireland or abroad and whose work relates broadly to human rights. Through guest contributors we attempt to involve graduate students, advocates, people working in NGOs and academics in the discussion on the blog in order to create a space of effective engagement. Comments are open on the blog but your first comment will require moderation so please excuse any slight delay that may occur.

We hope that you will enjoy reading this blog and that you will get involved through your comments. We welcome guest contributions. If you would like to contribute to the blog please email any author (see link to the Authors page above).

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If you wish to cite a view expressed on Human Rights in Ireland in academic work you ought to follow the protocols below, applying the relevant one depending on which citation protocol you are using. We have included citation formats for the two most commonly used protocols in legal academic writing: BlueBook and OSCOLA.


Posting of [AUTHOR’S FULL NAME] to Human Rights in Ireland, [LINK TO INDIVIDUAL PAGE], (DATE OF POSTING [month day, year], TIME STAMP)



Media Citation

If you wish to cite a view expressed on Human Rights in Ireland in a media report we would appreciate if you would (a) include the name of the author of the relevant post [this is noted on every individual post], (b) include the institutional affiliation of the relevant author [you can find information on the institutional affiliation of every author on the Regular Contributors page], and (c) mention the name of the blog [Human Rights in Ireland].

Citing Guest Contributions

If citing a guest contribution please ensure to attribute the views or quotation to the guest contributor and not to the person who placed the post on the website (i.e. a regular contributor). Apart from that one ought to use the same protocols as above. You can find information about guest contributors including institutional affiliation on the Guest Contributors page.


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