Presumption of Guilt: Islamic State and UK Criminal Law

Today the UK terrorism threat level has once again been raised to severe, as a result of ‘developments in Syria and Iraq where terrorist groups are planning attacks against the west’. Within hours of the increased threat being announced, David Cameron was on hand (in Downing Street, not in Cornwall) to  ominously declare a “greater(…)

Time for Our Referendum

The following is the text of a letter written by a number of regular HRinI contributors and signed by over 100 academics, which was published in the Irish Times today (full list of signators only available online). Here we have added a number of additional signatures received after the letter went to press. Others who wish(…)

Suicide and the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act: Where Are We Now?

This piece is partially cross-posted from Critical Legal Thinking. Those not familiar with the facts of the case as reported by Irish Times journalist Kitty Holland can find a full account of those, and of the basic law behind this case there. In a sense I cannot add to, or improve upon, William Wall’s elegant reflection on(…)

Contesting the cruel treatment of pregnant women – Ruth Fletcher

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Dr. Ruth Fletcher of Queen Mary University of London. I want to respond to Máiréad Enright’s thoughtful call to discuss what happened in this recent case of abortion refusal and cruel treatment.  How have certain forms of legal thinking got us to this place? How might this(…)

Expertise on Abortion in Ireland

As coverage of the case of a young woman who was refused an abortion under the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013 continues in Irish newspapers and on radio and television, we thought it might be useful to journalists and producers to outline some of the expertise available from the HRinI contributors. The full(…)

Suicide and the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act 2013.

Update: I have added notes to this post to take account of what has been published elsewhere since the Independent report quoted below. Reporting of the case has been patchy, and sometimes confused.  See, the Sunday Independent (quoting this piece), the Sunday Times and the Examiner. Dearbhail McDonald of the Irish Independent reported on Saturday on what she(…)

Call for Papers: Human Rights, Transitional Justice and Peace Building

Call for Papers: Human Rights, Transitional Justice and Peace Building

Kristian Lanslett is a lecturer in criminology in University of Ulster. The Transitional Justice Institute (University of Ulster), the Centre for Post-Conflict Justice (Trinity College Dublin), and the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (University of Ulster) invite proposals for a one- day postgraduate student research seminar to be held on Friday 7 November(…)

King’s Inns: Advanced Diploma in Immigration & Asylum Law

King’s Inns: Advanced Diploma in Immigration & Asylum Law

King’s Inns will be offering an Advanced Diploma in Immigration and Asylum Law from October 2014 for a period of 18 weeks. The course is open to both lawyers and non-lawyers, and may be of particular interest to those in the public sector and NGO employees, academic and government researchers, industry, policy-makers, lawyers and regulators. The course will(…)

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